Find you workout

So many of my fitness blogs that I have posted I have gotten lots of questions on what or some good workouts I can do? so I thought that I would dedicate this blog to giving you guys links to three videos of some of my favorite workouts. Hope you enjoy.


Tips and tricks to keep up with fitness

So one thing I always find challenging is finding the time and the energy to keep up with my fitness. This blog will be dedicated to some ideas of how to stay on top of things even if you are a procrastinator like me.

#1 Have a game plan: If you know you are going to have a busy week plan a head think of small things you can do with little to no equipment such as,

  • mini challenges do small amounts of actives throughout the day
  •  going for a long walk during your lunch break
  • do 20 minute at home workouts FYI there’s lots of good one on YouTube

#2 Find your motivation: For me this is one of the hardest things to do in fact it took me twenty minutes just to get out of bed. What I recommend is,

  • Wake up to your favorite song. It sets the mood for your whole day
  • find inspiring quotes and photos to motivate you to push for your goal
  • and always reflect on what you have accomplished and why you stared

#3 have fun: Working out doesn’t always have to be working out in a stinky gym. Do it at your house, in the front yard be creative with it and give it 100%.

  • workout with friends
  • try new workouts you have never done before
  • find new areas to workout new scenery can be good

I hope this helps please let me know if you have any questions or ideas of things you would like to see in my next blogs.

Why its important to be health 

Right now it’s seems pointless to have a healthy life style because we are young;but we are only getting older. Our age and bodies will catch up to us if we don’t stay healthy. Now in some of my other blogs I’ve talked about being helthy physicals and mentally. In this blog I want to touch base on small everyday this you can do to live a healthier life.

#1 eating right: Yes you have probably herd this all your life from your mom, teachers the media and now me, that you have to eat healthy. Eating good makes you feel good physically, mentally and emotionally. And being a young adult this is super important because at this stage in our lives our bodies go through a lot of changes and believe it or not eating green veggies helps.

#2 Activity: Even doing small bits of activity a day goes a long way in bettering your body for the present and the future. For the present it helps to clear your mind, keep you energized, and it makes you feel better. For the future well it helps you from turning into and old person before the age of forty five.

#3 be happy: This may seem a little cheesy, and it probably is but its true. People who are happy tend to live extraordinary lives to the fullest. Having good friend and family support is a big key factor in your happiness. The overall moral of this is do things that make you happy and I guaranty you will start living a better life.4020982037 (1)

Trying to eat right? 

I know that at our age eating healthy may not seem appealing as going out with friends and eating junk food all the time. And that’s why I have founds some really good ways to help you eat better in a more or less fun way.
#1 Switch it up: Eating the same old veggies and chicken can get boring after a few day what I recommend is go online and search healthy recipes there are so many creative ideas that are simple yet enjoyable. If your looking for an even faster way go to pintrest and search healthy recipes an bam 💥 you got hundred of options to chose from.

#2 Get creative: Trying new foods can be hard especially for thoses who like to stick to what they know. What I suggest is if your going to try and make something new make it in small portions, add spices, and always keep an open mind.

Here is a really good website to a really good site with some really good healthy meals and snacks. 👍🏻

Partner Workouts

I’ve touched base on Partner workouts before in some of my other blogs and I thought I would expand a bit more on it because its something that is becoming a bit more popular. The reason I came back to this idea is because having a workout buddy helps you stay on stay motivated; to get up early and go workout with your partner because you know they will be mad if you skip it. Also working out alone you may not challenge yourself as much as you would with a partner. I know for me when I work out with my partner @mackenzieela20 I find my self pushing harder to finish the sprint first or do a few more squats then she does. Working out with a partner can be really beneficial if you both have the same goals. Which is hopefully to stay fit.

Here is a really good video of a 20 minute partner workout if your not sure what exercises to do.


Ways to stay on track 

Now I know that fitness for some people can be hard to balance with school, work, and planing helps but sometimes you need the small reminders to help you out. Over the last week or so I’ve been online searching and reading for some good all around health apps and here are a few that I found and have tried that are really great. 

#1. Is called waterlogged and basically this app helps ensure that you stay hydrated all day and are getting your full 8 glasses a day. I know this seems crazy but since I’ve gotten this app it’s been less of a challenge.

#2. Is called Calm this is an app more for your mind. I love this app because it will take you through breathing excersises and meditation even sleep meditation for people that struggle with there sleep routine. This is such a great app because it can help with stress and anxiety which sadly everyone has. But after trying this app you will be at ease. 

#3. Is called Fooducate this app so great because it has everything from healthy recipe ideas to a food tracker and and food finder, and a supportive community that post and shared stories about really anything related to health and what people go through everyday. 

If you have any other apps you are wondering about I’d be more then happy to try them out. 

How to have good mental health

There is lot’s of information on mental health and I think that’s a great thing because mental health is a big portion of staying healthy and I think lots of people don’t recognize that. Staying healthy is not just being in shape and eating right we also need to stay mentally healthy. It’s important that we take care of every part of our bodies which well includes your mind. Here are some good pointers that have help me in lots of my sports and just everyday life to stay mentally healthy. 

1. Take care of your body: This means eating good healthy meals everyday. Believe it or not this has a very big impact on our mental health because our brains needs good food to help with development and to keep you healthy. Another important thing is to get lots of sleep. Sleep helps refuel your whole body so it’s important to get lots of sleep.

2. Surround yourself with amazing people: This is sooo sooo important. Having strong family and friend connections is important because your are more social and have lots of extra support as opposed to people who surround themselves with bad people they tend to make bad choices for themselves which can result in very bad mental health. 

3.Try to organize your stress: Everyone has stress like it or not so being prepared is all we can do. Some of the things I find that help with some of my stress is playing with my dog, listening to music, stretching to help keep blood flowing and just simply breathing. All these little things can really go along way. The best thing for you to do is try lots and see what works for you. 

Fitness,health, mental health blog Welcome

Hello everyone, I’m Tatum a grade 11 student at Leboldus. In this blog there will be many different ways that will show and teach you ways you can live a healthy life. Things in my blog will include excersise tips, videos and photos, home training ideas, healthy eating choices and mental health facts and quotes.Hope you enjoy.

Fitness motivation page!

Hello everyone, found this photo and I though it was a good message. I know it’s hard to get motivated so here are some tips that I have tried that help to keep motivated.

1.Remeber why you started: This is important especially when you are struggling at the begging. Ask your self why am I doing this? Who am I doing this for? It is important to reflect on questions like these? They will help keep you on the right track.

2.Try group fitness: If you’ve ever been on a Sports team you know that’s it’s more fun to work out together then just by yourself. The reason that is is because you are more motivated to do better not just for yourself but for your team. What I recommend you do is take a few friends for a run or to work out and you will see the difference then just working out on your own.

3.Ask yourself:”will I regret skipping this workout”. Chances are the answer is yes. I know getting up after a long hard day of school or work all you want to do is just relax but I promise you even a small amount of excersice will make you feel better, doesn’t have to be very intense could just be a 15 to 20 minute run. The important thing is to get up and do it.

I hope these 3 tips will help you the next time you need to feel motivated.